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Businesses are dynamic in nature. With every day passing, there is a new challenge. Businesses need to have the most efficient processes, in order to stay ahead in this current world of competition. Transactions need to happen in the shortest span of time and with minimum efforts. Information has to be available for effective decision making. The process of performing a transaction differs for every organization. Wholesalers prefer generating a Sales Order before Sales. Retailers would present different varieties of offering to their customer and would generate a Sales Bill, immediately after the items are finalized, without a need of Sales Order form. The detailing of transaction also differs with every organization. Some would prefer offering discount, while others prefer fixed prices. Organization with multiple warehouses would want a separate column to mention the godown from which the goods were delivered. Others might find it unnecessary. To help organizations create their transactions in their preferred format, NANTECH Solutions offers softwares, which can be customized and tweaked as per the requirements of the customer.

Our software facilitates all accounting transactions such as Purchase, Sales, Receipt, Payment, Journal Entry, Debit Note, Credit Note and the design and functionality of each form can be altered, so as to help our customers post their transactions in the easiest manner, provided the changes do not contradict with accounting principles. Accounting reports such as Profit and Loss statement, Balance Sheet, Ledger Reports, Inventory Transactions are provided for submission of books of accounts and for getting real time information, so as to make the right business decisions.

Our software is programmed such that multiple users can post their entries simultaneously from their individual machines. This will help serving multiple clients at the same time, preventing them from waiting in a queue and saving their time. The database can also be hosted on a cloud, so that people with appropriate credentials can access data from different geographies throughout the world.

A non-customized version of the software is available for an amount of INR 18,000/- only. Further charges depend on the complexities of customizations involved. We would be glad to give you a demonstration of our software. Please feel free to leave an enquiry or contact us at or even call us on the given number. Further customizations can also include developing an app for phones and tablets, which can provide exact information of stock available and balances of ledger through internet.

Few softwares developed by us serve the following purpose:

Looking for something else?

We have mentioned few domains, which we majorly concentrate on. Apart from it, we have also undertaken projects such as Online Photography Contest and Quiz Game. Please feel free to post your query of any other technical solution and we would be glad to discuss with you.

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