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E-Commerce Portals

An era of globalization, which allows you to cater to customers throughout the world through digitization and use of world wide web network.

We live in an era of globalization, where businesses from one country are able to cater to customers throughout the world. This is made possible with the help of digitization and a world wide web network. This concept of doing business on internet, popularly known as E-Commerce, has provided significant advantage to vendors as well as customers. Vendors are benefitted because maintaining an E-commerce website is much economical and convenient as compared to maintaining a store. The rent of physical stores have touched behemoth figure and the trend is signalling further upward revision. Further, displaying all ranges of product to each and every customer is practically not possible in a physical store. E-Commerce gives the customer the option to filter his category of products as per his price range. The entire range appears to the customer in a matter of seconds. Vendors can serve large number of customers simultaneously. Vendors can have more organized systems in place, with time slots dedicated for analysing orders, packaging them and later shipping them to the consumer.

Customer have the convenience of sitting on their couch at home and checking varieties of products at any point of time of the day. E-Commerce stores can collect orders and display products for the entire 24 hours of 7 days of the week, unlike the physical stores. Comparison of products is easy for customers and description of items can also be found. Once customer finalizes a product and orders it, it gets delivered to his door steps, saving him the energy and time of travelling to the store and fetching it by self.

E-Commerce websites can be developed in two ways. One is by using online Content Management System and E-Commerce Platforms such as WordPress, Magento etc. Second one is by writing our own HTML and PHP codes.

Developing using online E-Commerce platforms involves less efforts and hence development charges would be less. Attractive templates will be provided and a choice has to be made for the most appropriate one. Most templates are free of cost, while appealing paid ones are also available. On the selected template, our brand name can be put along with the tagline, logo and other details. But, the flexibility would be limited with such a website. The designs can be altered to a reasonable extent, and so is the case with functionality of the portal.

Second option of developing by writing own HTML and PHP codes is a more preferred option for large and complex websites. Elements on the website can be rearranged as per our desire. The functionality can be tweaked to our settings. The loading speed of the website is comparatively faster with this method.

Few e-commerce websites developed by us are as follows:

Looking for something else?

We have mentioned few domains, which we majorly concentrate on. Apart from it, we have also undertaken projects such as Online Photography Contest and Quiz Game. Please feel free to post your query of any other technical solution and we would be glad to discuss with you.

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