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Website Design and Development

Digital visibility is a must if an organization wants to expand its reach and make the whole world its customer base. We provide websites that are tailor-made for our customers and would help in making their presence felt in the digital arena. Static and dynamic websites are created from scratch so that the customer receives a customised website which is exclusively made for their organization.

Conventionally customers used to travel around the place to find their required products and services. With the advent of smartphones, which now provides internet in pockets, people have adapted to the new way of finding their required shop or office online. Having a website enables customers to find you easily with few keystrokes and clicks. Customers can easily know about you, discover the range of products and services offered by you and also know your geographical location. Customers also get to know your contact information and can also submit an enquiry through the web portal. Further, what drives potential customers to your business is a feeling of trust towards your establishment, which definitely gets enhanced with the presence of a website.

We offer websites with beautiful layout. Care is taken to ensure websites developed by us are responsive in nature, which means the website adjusts its appearance as per the resolution of the device, thus providing convenient browsing on phone, tablet and also computer machines. We also test the developed website with different browsers and make sure it is compatible with all.

We design a normal website of around five pages for as low as INR 11,999/-. Prices can vary as per the complexity of the website. Prices also tend to increase with increasing number of iterations in design and content. The price quoted is only for the design and development of website. Good phrases have to be framed for the website to explain about the business and the offerings. We prepare a basic version of it at no additional cost. A logo has to be designed for the website, which comes at an additional cost. Also, the images used within the website will be an additional expense. Images cannot be directly downloaded from internet and put to use on our website, as it is against the law. Customers can either provide their own images or buy from online image providers such as, which offer 5 images approximately at a price of INR 3,000/-. A domain name needs to be bought such as,, priced around INR 600/- for the first year. To host your website on internet, we would be happy to share our server space with you at no additional cost, which otherwise would cost around INR 2500/- per year.

With a website, you will also be provided with ten email addresses of your own domain such as,, which would help you in increasing your brand awareness. We would be glad to explain to you in further detail. Just leave us an enquiry and we will contact you.

Few websites developed by us are as follows:

Looking for something else?

We have mentioned few domains, which we majorly concentrate on. Apart from it, we have also undertaken projects such as Online Photography Contest and Quiz Game. Please feel free to post your query of any other technical solution and we would be glad to discuss with you.

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